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Migrate systems to SQL

SQL Conversion – professional and efficient

Kopel Reem performs automatic and efficient conversion of databases from Btrieve or Pervasive to SQL (can be converted to MS-SQL or Oracle as needed).

Improved performance and capabilities

Improved work-ability with large data volumes.

The information files are not `` spoiled '' if the programmer makes mistakes. There are also better control tools.

Ability to maintain data integrity at the database level.

Built-in audit trail capability: Log user changes.

Declarative database: The database is rich in information, features, connections and the like and can therefore be understood without the app.

Free versions: MS-SQL and Oracle have free express versions.

Advantages of SQL Databases

Standard databases that are standard in the field (Standard Query Language).

Easy connection to tools available in the market, including BI tools and report generators.

Effective organizational management and central database maintenance in the organization - Easy maintenance while integrating with existing enterprise procedures for handling additional databases, database backup procedures and more.

Higher security built-in information security solutions that are intensively updated and improved, compared to the Btrieve and Pervasive databases.

Centralized privilege management in an easy and efficient way.

Advantages of Magic work with SQL

Work is simpler and easier compared to working with the Btrieve and Pervasive databases.

Mainstream Match - It is easier for a programmer to learn and find solutions using the information available on the Internet and among colleagues.

Handling keys and indexes ``Responsibility`` The database - the programmer can be released from their limitations.

Option to work with Stored Procedures.

Implementing logical transactions perfectly and securely, enabling the integrity of the database.

Use of automated counters - better work in multiples.

Implement the Object Oriented methodology by working with Views.

Easier application maintenance - Version updates, table structure conversion, changing field settings and adding fields, tables and less simply by direct command to the database.

Where clauses - Database power can be used for advanced cloning.

Adapt to the Magic uniPaaS version and its new features (for example, using Direct SQL).


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